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SQL Server Database Administrator

Job Description:

SQL Server Database Administrator will perform checks for the daily backups, consistency of the databases on daily basis. Extensively work on identifying performance-related issues, Index management and Index fragmentation elimination. Check and modify the Temp DB Configuration settings, statistics management, and performance-related issues. Work in resolving the IO management, checking CPU utilization, and eliminating the cause for High CPU and High IO. Constant monitoring of the servers for any performance issues using the DMV’s Maintaining and configuration of Push replication across the multiple servers. Identifying issues in replication and fixing them. Perform Database Refresh activities of lower environments like UAT, staging environments with a copy of production database backups after removing the PII data. Monitor the growth of the databases, as part of capacity planning. Creating and monitoring jobs for automating daily tasks like checking the integrity of Databases, updating statistics. Monitoring blocking and avoiding deadlock scenarios in the database. Analyzing event viewer, SQL logs, IIS Logs, writing automated scripts in PowerShell, T-SQL scripts for auditing the server’s status, logins, administrators, users, etc. Building the servers as per the standard process defined for the internal suite of applications. Installing the IPAK, security patches, and software updates to all the UAT servers, staging and production servers.

Configuration of High Availability and Disaster recovery configuration. Design, Setup, Configuration, Monitoring, Upgrading and Troubleshooting of High Availability (HA) with Always ON in SQL Server 2014, 2016 and 2017. Supporting Microsoft Azure systems including SQL Server hosted on Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS) and Azure SQL Databases (DBaaS). Work with Azure Data Factory pipelines to fetch data from various sources of data like Azure SQL, Cosmos DB. Check the consistency and the issues with the third-party tools like iprecise, Spotlight, Sonar, Red Gate. Formulating and presenting designs across the team; troubleshoot production issues and provide hotfixes; end-to-end implementation of new user stories in accordance with the Agile model; design, develop, and optimize SQL applications; and conduct Data Analysis and Impact Analysis. Configuring and managing Azure SQL Database deployments like Single Database, Elastic Pools and Managed Instances

Educational & Experience Requirement:
Bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent in Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems, plus 60 months of Information Technology experience.

Skills Required:
SQL Server Database Administration, Azure SQL Servers, Azure Data Factory, T-SQL, PowerShell,, COSMOS DB, SQL Clustering, SQL Server Always ON, SQL server Replication and Mirroring, incident management, Problem management, SCRUM master, ITIL Foundation services

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